ADD Lab Members Present at 2020 TMS Conference

Ph.D student Michael Moorehead presenting his research

Several of our graduate students and research associates participated in the 149th annual TMS Conference in San Diego, California in February 2020. To learn more about the TMS 2020 Conference, click here.

Kaila Bertsch presented “Origin of Dislocation Structures in Additively Manufactured Austenitic Stainless Steel”

Phalgun Nelaturu presented “A High-throughput Alloy Development Strategy for Corrosion Resistant Materials via Directed Energy Deposition”

Michael Moorehead presented “High-Throughput Synthesis and Ion Irradiation of High-Entropy Alloys using Additive Manufacturing”

Buzz Rankouhi presented “Rapid Process Parameter Discovery for Functionally Graded Heterogeneous Materials Using Machine Learning and High Throughput Experiments”

Celal Kursun “Microstructural, Mechanical and Thermal Characterization of Mg65Ni25Y5M5 (M= Si, B, La) Amorphous Alloy by Melt Spinning”