Congratulations to our 2020 Seniors!

Undergraduate Research Assistant, Manthra Venkatakrishnan recently graduated from UW-Madison! Manthra earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Materials Science and Engineering. Soon, she will be starting a full time job at the Kimberly-Clark Corporation. During her time with the lab, she worked on a project to develop a procedure that would deposit an even polymer brush on the surface of a silicon wafer. Antibodies would be deposited onto that surface to detect for the P24 antigen, which is present in HIV patients.

When asked about her work with the lab, Manthra said, “This project showed me a different side to research as well as helped me learn skills I can take to my job. I am really thankful to the Grainger Institute for Engineering, Professor Thoma, and Professor Andrews for giving me the opportunity to expand on what I learned in the classroom and make the most of my time in Madison!” Congrats, Manthra!