Congrats to our Graduating Seniors!

Congratulations to Undergraduate Research Assistant Bailey Kuehl on her recent graduation from UW-Madison! Bailey graduated in December 2019 with her Bachelor’s degree in Materials Science & Engineering, with an emphasis in Biomaterials. Bailey also obtained a certificate in International Engineering (Spanish).

Bailey worked as an Undergraduate Research Assistant in the Alloy Design and Development lab for two years. During her time in the lab, she conducted analyses of 3D printed metal samples to determine microstructural changes as a result of print process variables. Bailey also led a joint research project with the School of Veterinary Medicine to prepare customized, 3D printed parts for application in clinical surgical planning and biomechanical implants. She was a strong asset to the lab, and her scientific creativity and talent will be missed.

After graduation, Bailey moved to Seattle to pursue a position in Biomaterials. Congrats, Bailey!