TMS 2019 Conference

Three of our group members participated in the TMS 2019 Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

Gabriel  Meric De Bellefon gave two presentations. One was titled “Directed Energy Deposition Fabrication of Mo-coated 316SS Components for Molten Salt Applications” and the second was titled “Influence of Fine Solidification Microstructure on the Radiation Response of 316SS Produced by Laser Powder Bed Fusion and Directed Energy Deposition.”

Graduate Research Assistant, Michael Moorehead presented “In Situ Alloying of High-entropy Alloy Compositions through Additive Manufacturing.”

Postdoctoral Researcher Kaila Bertsch, also gave two presentations. One was titled “Evolution of Deformation Structres Across Length Scales from Fabrication to Fracture in Additively Manufactured 316LSS” and the second one was titled “The Effect of Process Parameters on Microstructural Evolution in Reduced-dimensionality Samples during Additive Manufacturing”